Blog Double Ironman Sept 2017 Journey

What a fabulous day, my first ultra of 100k done (July 2016). I had a lot of time to think on this day about what I'd done previously with my Ironman achievements and what I'd like to do ...... then I got a bit "lost" post this event with direction/what to train for and doing the double iron in Wales Sept 2017 with the Brutal just keeps haunting me !!!!! So why not ??? I was asked to do a blog from Claire Smith at Brutal to fill in a missing gap and provide a diarised blog of my journey ....... to being a successful "female" double ironman. I hope you'll travel on this journey with me .... its gonna be tough  !!! Everything worth doing is a challenge to the bodies ability  to cope with the mental pressures, physical energy output and balance of belief !! So the distances are: 4.8 miles swimming in Lake Padarn which sits next to Llanberis, then 232 miles of cycling then the run of 52 miles up and over Snowden and around it. Every part has a cut off ~ swim to be done within 4hrs, bike to be done within 26hrs and the run within 12hrs .........  It had better be the best medal on earth !!!!!!!

Week 1 of 40 weeks of training (then a final taper week) Monday 5th December: So it starts ! I have breakfast and do some paperwork, I've got a busy day of sports massage and have time to run ..... the sun is out and it looks like a beautiful autumnal day ..... unfooled I put on some skins and go for an hours run .... not my best and not my worse .... however a start. Everything can be worked on and post run I have a big smile on my face ~ whoo hoo I'm out of the starting blocks!!!! 

Tuesday 6th December: So, another busy day .... and I have an hour turbo ~ so catching up with a bit of catch up TV while cycling indoors ~ loving "Tour de Celeb". Then a hours swim set at the gym this afternoon ~ happy with 2000m in focused sets of sprint 100's.

Wednesday 7th Dec/ Day off (ish) do a core set and some balance ball work. Look at some strengthening techniques for the arm pull through in swimming.

Thursday 8th Dec ... ahhh my manic Wednesday is done and today it's a 30 min turbo into a 15 min run ..... on a different note having always written a diary I am loving writing this blog.

Arghhhhh!!! Its Friday ....which is good but not when your a day behind! So Despite NOT doing my 30 turbo yesterday and my 15 run ~ I did do some cutting of the lining paper. Can I fool myself into thinking that there is some dual purpose in using my muscles for a more mundane job. No I can't but, I do feel better today, I had a horrid feeling that I was catching a nasty cough. So its FRIDAY whoo hooo a catch up day ...... who doesn't love a bit of pressure ?!!? So I have a weekend of fitting in......1/2 turbo into 1/4 run, 3 hr turbo into a 30 min run, 1 1/4 run , 45 bike and a 45 bike......happy weekends!!!

Ahhhhhh NO ARGHHHHHHH I have the lurgy which with a merriment of trying to carry on working, sorting out Christmas and taking a day off work (which hasn't happened for 18 years) has left me with no training for two weeks ...... feeling demotivated, cross that I am putting the training on a back burner and most of all missing it SOOOOOO much. It makes my heart smile .......

Thursday 22nd Dec ..... A day off ~ so I am going ..... Dog Walking, Running, Core at home and then packing for a weeks hols in spain with some time for chilling out, getting some vit d, seeing the sunshine and getting myself back on track!!! Bring on 2017 ......