CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ON ANY NEW PATIENTS and existing patients that are older than the cut off of 16 months will need to check to see if there is the facility for them to be seen. CJC. April 2018  

Initial Consultation/First Appointment 1 hour : £50 including stretches from Physio Tools*

ongoing treatments and all hourly follow ups : £45  : 45 minutes appointments £40

*£5 for Physio Tools Stretches which are done considering your lifestyle, goals, sports and physical abilities.

longer appointment times and home visits

1 hr home visit £50 (plus £10 for home visit)

1.5 hrs £80  (plus £10 for home visit)

2hrs £100  (plus £10 for home visit)

Child Fee (Age 11-12 years to 16 yrs old : Must be senior school years 7-11) Intial consulation and 1 hr appointment £35 / £25 for 30 minute appointment 

Vouchers can be purchased and are valid for 6 months. 

Your commitment to me is to comply with my 24 hour cancellation policy* appointments cancelled in less than the required time of 24 hrs allowing me to use my waiting list for filling the unused appointment time.  Will incur YOU the patient to pay FULL price for treatment. If you are using a voucher or have prepaid for 10 sessions then you will invalidate the voucher or loss use of a prepaid session.


Home Visits / Domicillaries: Unless otherwise discussed* the fee structure for visiting patients at home is at a pre-arranged rate starting from £55:00